Tuesday May 03, 2011 at 22:26

2011 DVHS Swim Season

Hi there.

So I’m done with the 2011 season of swimming. Which thus marks the end of my role as a student athlete, because I wont be returning next year. Various of reasons, of course, but I’m not going to point out any of the negative stuff because I’m sure a large majority of the people that read my rants know why. In all honesty though, I’m going to miss swimming. I’ll probably swim for my free time from now on, and I still have my recreational swim team over the summer, but this year is my last year for that as well. But whatever, focusing on DHVS…


Overall, this year was pretty fun. I really felt that the (boys) JV was really unified. I mean, everybody knew each other, and even though not everybody likes one another, we stayed calm and partied on. Through all these damned swim meets, and the crappy ass weather conditions, along with annoying twatty Schnellium practices, I got the privilege to meet some very respectable under class men. Well, I met ALOT of new friends. But I’d like to take this time and say a few things about the three freshmen that swam in my lane this entire season. Commencing snippet of these three freshmen, now.

1. Jason Hua

Jason Hua, you’re a mother fucker. You know why? Because at the beginning of the season, I was the fastest person on our JV team (freestyle at least). And all of the sudden, you become faster than me, putting me as second place overall for our entire team. But you know what, you deserve it. Swimming with you everyday made me realize that you work 20 times harder than me, and take swimming seriously, which I highly respect. So it’s only natural I’d lose to you eventually, but I’m glad I got to see you beat me. You really motivated me to try to re-claim my spot as first, but I realize, you deserve it more than me. Good game. With my freshman Jason counterpart on the team next year, I know you’ll beast things up. You never know my little freshman kid, maybe Schnell will want you on Varsity next year. Keep swimming Hua :D 

2. Jeffery Cui

This kid. Is fucking. Hilarious. LOL. Like holy shit, your farts can last for more than 15 seconds, and that’s brilliant. You’re shorter than me, so that makes me really happy because I can leave without watching you grow taller than me. In all honesty though, you’re a good brother. Swimming in the same lane as you was brilliant as hell. And even though I know you’ll never read this until you get a Tumblr, I just want to say, this kid has like a different girl everyday. The only people I see Jeff walking with during school, are girls. This kid, is a bamf.

3. Alex Vu

Let me tell you something. Stop playing so much Starcraft 2. Your grades are going to be effed bro! And remember that whole crisis concerning that one person? I can honestly mutilate the individual’s face for you. I mean, I used to see you with that individual, and now it’s no more. That’s terrible. But at least you tried, which I respect as well. You make a good swim buddy. I mean, I love people who piss in the pool every single day we’re at practice every 45 minutes. Lol jk. But it’s all good. Just start studying. 

I’m only writing this because I’m probably not going to write this in your yearbook, so I kind of figured that writing on Tumblr would be the best choice, even though NONE of you freshman have a Tumblr. But from the bottom of my heart, and from my emotional side, I just want to say, thank you. These two months have been really fun. And I can leave the swim team knowing that you three (and others) will only get buffer, faster, and sexier.  

And thus ends the final chapter of my career as a swimmer.

The End. 

*note: I’m only writing about this because swimming is something I learned to enjoy, it’s something I’m going to miss.